how old was your baby when s/he got their first teeth?

At 5 months he got his 2 lower centrals. Now at 7 months , he is getting his 2 upper laterals.
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Kade got his first at 4 months.

Korbie didn't get his first teeth until 15 months during which time he got 4 all at once. And it was non-stop teething from that day on until he got all his baby teeth. For him they always grew in 4 at a time. By the time he was 2 he had all his baby teeth.
Originally Posted by cympreni
Mine got her first 2 at 15 months, also. She was four before the 2-year molars came in...needless to say, her speech isn't the best.
He got the bottom two at eight months. The two top teeth started coming through a couple days before he turned 1.

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