My son refuses to eat

For the past week my son (9.5 mths, 6 mths adjusted) has not been interested in eating. In fact he absolutely hates it. Whenever we bring the bottle to his mouth, he begins to scream, cry, and fights to get away.

It's a struggle to get him to take a couple of ounces every few hours and it's starting to really concern me. Before, if he was a little fussy while eating all we would have to do is sing and he would calm down. Now, there's nothing we can do to console him.

We were thinking maybe he's about to cut a tooth since his gums are swollen and he keeps rubbing them, so I've tried giving either orajel or the teething ring 10 minutes before it's time to eat, but that doesn't work either. The pediatrician suggested trying a cup instead of a bottle, seeing if he's interested more in rice/oatmeal cereal, but we haven't had any success with that either. Even the times when he is obviously hungry, he still refuses to eat very much.

Anyone else ever been through this or have any ideas?

Other than feeding time, he's a really happy baby
What kind of cup have you tried and what is his reaction? If his gums are swollen from teething, a sippy cup might put the same kind of pressure on them. It might be tough for him to take a whole feeding from an open cup, though. How does he physically react to the spoon (does he tongue thrust when presented with a spoon)?
My son acted very similar for about a week when he got his first teeth. I didn't know what was causing it and fretted about it, but kept giving him bottles and solids (as much as he would take). Then as soon as his new teeth came through the gum, he was pretty much back to normal. That may very well be what's going on with your son, in which case it will hopefully be over soon.
Poor little guy. It does sound like he's teething. I hope he eats soon.
Whoo-hoo! We had a great feeding experience tonight. Hubby fed Ian rice cereal followed by a bottle with relative ease. He also took a few more ounces when I got home from work.

The sippy cup is an Avent soft-sip trainer cup (or something like that). When we tried to use it, he would would cry and hold the formula in his mouth.
When Ian is cooperating, he does pretty well with the cereal. He doesn't push it out of his mouth or anything, but the past week he's just been crying, and pushing my hand away when I tried to feed him.

I'm hoping that we are about to come out of this phase, but I'm still listening just in case tonight was a fluke.

Thanks ladies
I hope this phase is really over for you guys!

I don't know if any of this could apply to your situation, but FWIW...
I know sometimes with nursing, babies go on what's called a "nursing strike," where they really aren't ready to wean, but refuse the breast for a few days. For example, my sister did this once. My mom figured out that the rocking chair she sat in was right by the kennel she kept the family dog in. While she was nursing my sister, if the dog started whining, she yelled "No" and banged on the kennel. My poor sister thought my mom was yelling at her.

My mom got her to nurse again by putting her to the breast right after she woke up while she (the baby) was still groggy or waking her up gently when she was in a light sleep. (She also quit yelling at the dog while nursing. )
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Woo Hoo on the good feeding. Try some hyland teething tabs to relieve the pain. They work wonders and are much better than orajel (at least in my opinion).
All you can do is keep offering your son formula and food - it really is up to him if he chooses to eat or drink.

I know it can be a little upsetting, but he won't starve himself.

Good luck!
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