What does your baby/kid furniture look like?

I never did much "babyproofing". Oh, of course, I kept the sharp and poisonous things out of reach, but it seemed that if I tried to use any of those outlet safety things or cabinet locks, it just drew my babies' attention even more. My toddlers could get into a baby-locked cabinet easier than I could. So, I babyproofed the old-fashioned way...I watched them.
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That works until you've got to go to the bathroom so badly that you think you're about to explode. You leave the door open, but by that point, your three year old is on top of the kitchen counter, eating out of the cookie jar because he's figured out how to open the drawers and use them as stairs.

Not that I would have experienced that or anything...
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You got to go to the bathroom alone? I'm jealous. I think I spent about 5 years straight holding court in the bathroom like a queen on my throne, with my subjects all around me. My kids never liked to be more than 3 feet away from my knees when they were little.
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ha! And you know you're spending too much time in the bathroom when the kids pull in chairs, books & toys. My husband walks into the bathroom some days befuddled as to why it looks like a library.
My MIL bought beds for the kids over the years. The boys got Cargo beds (out of business I think) but it's natural wood...no stain or anything. They used that for years. I had primary colored reversible comforters on their bed. For several years they had dino comforters and sheets that my mom bought for them, then I bought reversible comforters in primary colors so they could change off. My rule was that comforters were to be neutral (no characters of any sort) and then the sheets and accents could be the theme stuff. That way I wasn't listening to them try to whine about new bedding. Worked until my daughter(s) were born. MIL has bought each of them theme comforters and the younger one got the one passed down from her sister. So........Lexi's room has pink walls and a really pale pink ceiling. (the white looked bad when I got the walls done, so I poured white into the leftovers and used that on the ceiling) Her bookcase is white (what you can see of it), her dresser is blue (it will be repainted pink this summer with bright green drawers and not sure what color pulls). Bed is natural (although she wants us to paint it white this winter so I probably will paint two of them white so she can have bunkbeds.) Her bedding is Hello Kitty (MIL), but I have gotten around that to a point as my mom made her a quilt that is pink and green. I put that on the bed over the comforter and I LOVE her room I also love her dresser. My sister and I first did it about 12 years ago...Mary Englebreit. My FIL made it almost 40 years ago for my youngest BIL. We'd had it for a while and I painted it white for Tori's room (she had a white metal daybed). There was a 'border' around the middle of her room that was black and white checked contact paper (worked great). The edges of the drawers were black and white checks, and there are 5 drawers. 2 pink, 2 blue and one green (hence the blue desk) On the front of each drawer is an ME card that I bought and cut the front from to use. Not straight in a row down the dresser, but sort of wandering or crooked. My sister used to do decorative painting (before rheumatoid arthritis took it from her), and one drawer looks like lace around the card, another has spots, and I forget what the other 3 are. then we cut out ME paperdoll stuff from her magazines (and other pics from it) and put them on the paneled sides ala and my sister painted vines down them ala wallpaper. She got most of it done before her hands really started hurting and she had to go back to Houston. Tori adored it and now her little sister does. I took a page out of the calendar and put it on the top and that was decorated around also. We put another page on the top of her desk after I sponge painted it and then decorative painting around that. When we were done, I took some pics and showed them off to the owner of a consignment shop that I used to go to for girl's clothes. The owner offered me $600 on the spot for it and told me that if I ever changed my mind, she'd take it. MIL was at the house when I told hubby about it and she was astounded. She doesn't consider folk art "real art", which is a pity. This is absolutely charming and when Lexi is tired of it, I get it. I've told my hubby jokingly that when I die, no need for a coffin, but take the bottoms out of the drawers, fold my legs up and use that.

I never have done it for the girls (I don't think) but the boys' dresser(s) have always gone in the closet. Frees up the floor space for playing. Hanging clothes (if there are any) can go on the side and if need be, buy one of those hanging things so you can double up. SHoes over there too, then the dresser in the other side. Plus it allowed me to arrange their room pretty much any way we wanted.

Oldest is in the military now, so he has a single ugly, metal bed. #2 son has husband's grandparents' bedframe. They bought it in 1911 for about $13. I love it. This spring/summer I am going to see if we can make it to fit our queen bed...I think it can if the supporting frame is done correctly. As soon as that is done, my bedroom decor can take off..I know exactly what to do with it...for now...it's yuck.

My 17YO daughter (ACK! she's 17 tomorrow) has natural bed, two white bookcases, an antique dresser and computer desk/melamite and metal. But her bed has a really wild quilt on it that my mom made for her and her walls are a lavender and white stripe that she did by herself at the first of the summer. Looks nice and just like her.
My son wears combat boots (and a parachute). So does my son-in-law.
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