Solution to DS's Hair!

Well, DS's hair was getting bigger than his head. So while we were out in Victoria - I found a solution.

Long, blonde, 3a/mostly b hair.

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awwww...he is sooo adorable and cute. did he cry during the haircut?
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He is so cute! Look at that ringlet in front! Toooooo cute!
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Geez that picture is so cute! Love the ringlet!
3b (I think!)
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He didn't cry at all he just had the same perplexed expression on his face the whole time.

The hairdresser told me to hold that ringlet and he wouldn't cut it.
Long, blonde, 3a/mostly b hair.

My mom kept a picture of my brother's first haircut and the hair from it. It's in his baby book. I love that she did that.
Awww, how cute! How much did the barber take off?
love the look on his face! It's like he's saying, "why are you infringing on my "me" time?"
He is adorable! Do you have any post hair cut pics?

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Here is a 'before' picture - slightly exagerrated because it's morning hair.

Here is the after:

Long, blonde, 3a/mostly b hair.

Oh man, he is too damn cute with that morning fro. Just adorable.

I love that you left his little forehead curl.

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