come see us - pic heavy

haven't shared pics of our family in a while so here we are in order from oldest to youngest (ha! had to jab at DH):

Beautiful family! Thanks for sharing
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Great to see you again, Marielle! The boys are so big now. Adorable too!!

Thanks for sharing.

Hair looks awesome, btw!
Great pictures! Ian is looking very pensive there. Ryan is a little doll!

Wow, the kids have gotten so big, and look how beautiful you are! I don't remember ever seeing a pic of you. Gorgeous family!

Marielle, you are so pretty! The boys are huge. When did that happen? Your family is lovely.

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What a lovely family! I love your son's winter hat (in these parts we call it a 'chook'). You have fab curls btw.
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Gorgeous family, and you look amazing!!! Very cute boys you have there!
thanks guys! I hardly have pics of me because I'm usually taking the pictures. My SIL took that one and I'm sure she understands since she's the photog in her family. Thank you for the compliments on the boys. They are definitely growing like weeds and maturing.
I think this is the first time I've seen you and your husband!

Great photos, beautiful family!
Awww, you have a beautiful family.
3A / 2B / 2C wavicelli

Gorgeous family!! And your curls do look spectacular!
3b (I think!)
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Girl, you look fabu, as always!
Love the fam pics...can't believe how big your little ones are!
It is true what they say about time flying..
what a beautiful family!!

You look gorgeous in your picture.
Long, blonde, 3a/mostly b hair.

Too cute.

You guys look so happy!
"Don't play me...I'm over 30, and I don't smoke weed"

You have a beautiful family, Marielle. And great curls too!

Wow, your boys have gotten so big! Cute too. Thanks for sharing!
you guys are too kind. Thanks for looking and making a mommy proud.

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