Amneris - hair question for you (and child related)

Amneris: I believe a while back I thought I saw in a thread that you indicated that your avatar is a pic of you when you were a child, is that correct? If so, what is your hair type now as an adult?

I ask because my daughter appears to have very similar hair - she has fine, wispy, curly hair that turns to frizz rather easily because its so fine. She gets that 'halo effect' that it seems you (or whomever it is) have in the pic.

I was just curious to see what your hair may be like now as I'm not sure what Jocelyn's will turn out to be (not that hers will be the same, but you never know). I have 3b/3c/4a hair and when her hair dries after her bath it appears to be 3a/3b.
Yeah, that was my childhood hair. It is a lot heavier now than it was. I think my hair type is 3b/c and it acts more like 3c - very porous, heavy, dense, resistant to straightening. I have a TON of hair! It lies a lot flatter and frizzes a lot less than when I was a kid.
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Thanks for responding. That gives me hope that hers will settle down. It's hard to get her hair to hold any style since she's so active and is constantly messing it up. It's not long enough to pull into a ponytail and barretts usually come loose or get pulled out, so right now I just let it do its thing.

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