Baby Clothing Sizes

I could use one of those tiny things now too. Mine are all wayy too large.

I really just want another baby so I can dress it in those adorable babylegs things.
I wish I would have bought a smaller size for his take home outfit. It was newborn 0-3 months, and despite him being average size, 7 lb 8 oz and 21 inches, it swallowed him. The pants came up to his armpits and then some, the little sweater came down to his knees. It looked ridiculous.
Originally Posted by cympreni
Cympreni, do you mean ridiculous like this?

I was expecting DD to be another 9lber like my son. Nope, she was less than 5.5 lbs when we took her home. I actually had to go out and buy preemie and NB clothes for her because my son wore 0-3 months from birth.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend buying the teeny sizes to begin with, but scope out some things so that you can send DH out to buy them if you decide you need them. Its nice to have some clothes that actually fit in the beginning even if they will grow out of them fast.

not sure when youre due, but my summer baby rarely wore anything other than onesies/short sleeved bodysuits.
Originally Posted by subbrock
My baby's due June 2, so I was planning on using these alot. Did your baby sleep in these too?
Originally Posted by Brown_Eyed_Girl

yup. i didnt bother with getting sleep n plays or nightgowns or anything like that. i think i bought one, just for good measure. and she never used it because it was so hot. then with clothes she had a ton of outfits, but 90% of the time she ended up in just a onesie because the pants were way to big.

the pic i attatched is a bodysuit that is 0-3 months size and she's one day old. look how big it is in the butt!!
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Originally Posted by cympreni
OMG. I NEED to hold a tiny baby. NOW.
Originally Posted by M2LR&Co.
I see a tiny baby and think "Can I pick him up w/o breaking him?" It's weird b/c when I was a kid, I took care of my sister all the time, and I used to babysit babies a lot. But before I held a friend's newborn a month ago, I can't even remember the last time I held a tiny baby. I'm sure I'll get plenty of experience soon enough!
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