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somehow the man and i made an agreement that if he stopped 2 of his bad habits, he could have full naming privileges. his contributions were dionysis (yes like the greek god), phaedra (i think he read that in a book) and majerle mae (both are family names). i chose the lesser of all evils. BUT i wasnt too happy about it because he had a dog at the time named.....marley. he claims that theyre spelled differently but im not so sure. i hate seeing all those books about that damn dog named marley. as a matter of fact, a picture of his dog marley is looking at me right now (RIP marley. he passed a few months before the baby was born.) just a few weeks ago SO's dad called to say that they got a new dog and they were going to name it marley jr, but decided to name it majerle mae instead.

see the madness i have to deal with??????
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I know you probably think I'm crazy, but I adore the name Phaedra. I would totally name a second daughter that, but my hubby can't stand it...LOL I'm trying to go with a whole Greek mythology motif, and he's not cooperating!
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We're not planning on having kids for a while (three years or so) but DH is dead set on a mythology motif. He really really REALLY wants to name a child Achilles.

I could be ok with Persephone, or Artemis (boy or girl), but Achilles? No. He wants twin boys, named Achilles and Hector. No and no.

I like the name Marivic for a girl. I think I'll still like it when we eventually start a family.
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In addition to the yelling-at-the-top-of-your-lungs test, I always do the doctor/lawyer test. If I was looking for a doctor or attorney, and saw that name in a directory, would I consider using their services? That pretty much rules out things like Pilot Inspektor.

We had a really easy time with boy names last time. I just knew the one I wanted, and my husband agreed. Benjamin after my husband's late grandpa. For girl names, I think we both went through and picked names we like from a book and there were a couple that matched on both lists.

This time we have basically agreed on a girls name and have no clue about boys names.
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