View Poll Results: When your water broke, was it
a huge gush at the very start of labor? 1 5.26%
a huge gush sometime during labor? 3 15.79%
a slow trickle at the very start of labor? 5 26.32%
a slow trickle during labor? 1 5.26%
during actual delivery? 1 5.26%
the doctor broke the sac? 8 42.11%
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When your water broke, was it......

I've been hearing and seeing stories about women who have huge gushes, and I'm trying to prepare. My first was a slow trickle, but I definitely knew my water had broken due to the sensation. It was almost like I felt the sac rupture, but it was even before contractions began.

But my question is also, how easy is it to clean up amniotic fluid from upholstery surfaces? I really don't want to worry about having to clean the couch or my desk chair or the carpet. And I don't want to end up with a stain or smell from not cleaning it up right away, as I doubt the first thing I'll want to do after my water breaks is drag out the carpet cleaner. I doubt DH would want to do that either.

So do I need to start sitting on absorbent pads or towels? Probably also a good idea to carry a change of clothes with me too, eh?
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i've had the same questions about how you get it up. i suppose you'd have to use a mop and carpet steamer. dunno.

my friend's friend woke up to a major gush of fluid in her bed. she trailed it into her livingroom to tell her boyfriend. then she trailed it into her bathroom to try to let it stop and clean it up. when she thought it had stopped and walked back into the bedroom, another big gush came out. she gushed in the truck on the way to the hospital, and kept leaking after arriving there!

a former colleague's water broke on the carpet in the employee break area. that was six months before i started working there. they had the carpet cleaned, but for some reason, you could still see a slight outline of the stain.

oh, i had my water broken both times. i enjoyed feeling the warm gush coming out. but those 7cm contractions that immediately followed were no joke!
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Mine broke into active labour, about 15-16 hours after labour started. It wasn't a huge gush - I felt a pop, and then it just felt like I had peed my pants. Then, the contractions started speeding up. I wanted to stay home a little longer, but my husband freaked at the words "water broke" and insisted we go to the hospital. It was a good thing we did, because I was 6-7 cms and 100% effaced! I sat on a towel in the car, so I don't remember anything staining or anything like that. It kept renewing itself, so I was pretty cold and wet. Luckily, it was the middle of a July heatwave, but that would have sucked in winter.

In my pre-natal class, the instructor said that only about 10% of women have the dramatic big gush before labour. Most peoples' water breaks in labour. She suggested wearing a pad because of that and all the blood, so that's what I did - there was a LOT of blood, which I was not expecting, long before my water broke. I know women who wore Depends in labour.
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My midwife broke it in the birthing tub because she didn't want him to be born in caul. I forget the reason why. I didn't feel a thing - well, other than the general discomfort of birthing.
I had the dramatic big rush-of-broken-water-before-labor all 3 times that I labored. I felt a POP, and each time I had enough time to get to the bathroom to sit on the toilet for the rush of water, so I never had a mess to clean up. Maybe that was just luck.

With the first baby, I had just carried several baskets of heavy laundry upstairs and felt the pop. It was a big pop sensation. I immediately went back downstairs to the only bathroom and it gushed out.

With the second baby, I was sitting at my computer and felt a small pop, very minimal, but I went to the bathroom to check anyway and it started gushing.

Third baby was scheduled c-sec and the doc popped the bag during the surgery (it spilled all over the floor).

With the 4th baby, I was napping and a contraction woke me up. I felt the pop as I tried to roll out of bed. The bathroom was a few feet away and I was able to get to the toilet for the gush.

Amniotic fluid renews itself every 3 hours...that's a lot of water. So after the bag is broken, you spend the rest of labor WET. Have lots of towels handy, because a pad isn't enough to absorb it all.
Sudden gush but not a huge amount of fluid released. I sprayed pet enzyme product on the wet spot (so handy for kids and pets).

I had a huge gush but never heard a pop. Wonder if I wasn't paying attention or if it just wasn't loud....I'm going to have to pay closer attention next time. Then again I was in active labor, I certainly wasn't listening for things like that.

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Amniotic fluid renews itself every 3 hours...that's a lot of water. So after the bag is broken, you spend the rest of labor WET. Have lots of towels handy, because a pad isn't enough to absorb it all.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
Good advice. We had leather seats in the car and some towels for our 37 minute drive to the hospital.

With my first, my OB/GYN broke it. She was on a schedule.

With my second, it broke a few hours into labor. I was bracing myself for a contraction and felt a pop, then a huge gush. Luckily, we have hardwood floors in our bedroom. I had my daughter 4 hours later.

With my third, I was in labor and already at the hospital. I had just gotten off the birthing ball and ran to the bathroom. I felt a pop and a gush, as the baby started crowning. I was sitting on the toilet when it happened, so I got lucky again.
broke during delivery very late into delivery in fact. Just a side note if you can help it keep your bag of waters intact as it serves like a cushion against some of those more intense contractions.
Broke during delivery both times, I don't really remmeber the first time as the delivery itself was taking so much of my energy that I wasn't really paying attention to anything, but the second time, she was crowning, it popped, there wasn't a gush or anything, but it did feel as though I had peed, and then she was born.
I definitely felt a big pop. I have no idea if there was a gush or not, because I was in the tub at the time, but my son was born around 2 hours later. The bag definitely cushions the force of the contractions. They got WAY more painful after it broke.
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I had a huge gush but never heard a pop. Wonder if I wasn't paying attention or if it just wasn't loud....I'm going to have to pay closer attention next time. Then again I was in active labor, I certainly wasn't listening for things like that.

I don't think you can really "hear" it. That bag is pretty deep inside. I felt the pops each time, but I didn't hear them.
My first broke while I was pushing, gushed all over my midwife
my second and third babies my mw broke my water during active labor
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The doctor broke mine while I was in labor. I think I was about 7 cm, and had been dilating pretty fast on my own. It just felt like a huge gush of warm liquid coming out.
Mine broke before labor. It started out as a trickle so light that I just thought that I was peeing. It was an awful lot but no heavier than a normal pee stream. It just kept coming though. I got up and then had to sit right down. I drove myself to the hospital and I don't think I leaked in the car but it just kept coming and coming any time that I tried to walk. By the time I got to L&D, my jeans were soaked thoroughly. I think my mom washed them like normal a week or so later and there was no stain or smell. She's a bit of a clean freak though so normal to her might not be normal to the rest of us.

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