Hitting his head on the crib...

Okay, so River keeps sitting up & then leaning back or falling forward and knocking his head on the sides of his crib (accidently). Of course it hurts & he cries, etc. This happens every time he is in his crib (3 naps a day 7 night/morning). The bumpers are not protecting him because he is hitting above them. I almost want to put a second set of bumpers above the original set so he has some cushion! Any advice, suggestions, etc. I don't want him to keep doing that! It can't feel good or be good for his little head!
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I don't think there is much you can do. He'll figure it out fairly quickly that it hurts to knock his head, and as he gets a little better at the sitting-up thing, he'll be able to avoid it.

You could try another set of bumpers above the first set...temporarily of course. You'd have to take them out once he gets to the pulling-up-to-standing stage so he doesn't use them as a catapult to launch himself out of the crib. Or, you could try putting him in a soft-sided pack 'n play for sleeping for the next week or two or three til he gets more steady at sitting up.

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