I never had anyone reach for it without asking, which was very lucky! I'm not normally a touchy-feely type of person, and I was even more hyper sensitive when pregnant. My husband was obviously allowed to touch the belly whenever, unless I was in one of my "I don't want anyone to touch me right now" moods. DH's family would be allowed, but they're pretty unintrusive. His 16 year old sister liked to put her ear to the belly (like she was trying to hear something ), but she was always very gentle so I didn't mind. A lady I used to work with wanted to touch it every time she saw me, but she always asked and I let her even if I wasn't "in the mood" for it. I figure as long as people were polite about it, I could grin and bear a little pat. Now if a complete stranger touched me, I'd be weirded out.
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