Round Ligament Pain. Ugh.

My round ligaments are really acting up lately. My midwife said it's perfectly normal for right now, but it sure is irritating, especially since right now I have a cold and I'm coughing all the time.

I know it's goofy, but I've been rubbing my sides and saying "Come on, stretch, you can do it!" And then reminding myself that this too shall pass...
Life with Lydia

I've been having mild RL pain since 7 weeks. Sometimes it really feels like someone is stabbing me for a moment thought. So I feel your pain (literally hehe). And yes, when you are coughing and sneezing a lot, it makes it worse!

Ah, the joys of pregnancy

I hope you feel better soon.

Yeah, I had it back in the beginning too, but it wasn't as bad then. I actually had an inkling that I was pg about five days before I could test b/c I was so tired and crampy.

Hope yours goes away soon too!
Life with Lydia

Kegals are your best friend for reducing pelvic pain. It's especially helpful to do a super-tight kegal just before getting up from a sitting or lying position (which is typically when pelvic pain is the worst).

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