Grrrr! My spinning baby

I had an ultrasound today- he's vertex again! I'm so relieved. Also, I got to see his little face, which was really exciting.
Originally Posted by cosmicfly

DO LOTS OF SQUATTING! Keep that head in the pelvis!
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
Yes, I will. The field where Max's baseball team practices is at the bottom of a steep hill- I have been walking up it as I've read that lunges are also effective. Hands and knees, too? And how should I be sleeping? I'm trying to stay on my left side. Keeping a pillow between my knees is minimizing the hip stiffness I was getting in the mornings, which I'm guessing is good for keeping the pelvis open.
Originally Posted by cosmicfly

Sleep any way you can. Just don't do any inverted moves now that he is vertex.

H&K is always helpful...gets baby into anterior position (back of his head towards your front), which is the most desirable birth position.
Bumping for Spider... FWIW, I was over 36 weeks when all this was going on/// edd was 5/17; baby was born 5/28

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