Potty Training Girls

I also say it does not sound like she is ready, so don't push her. Keep the potty around in a visible place, keep it a part of conversation, keep the bathroom door open while you go, but don't force it.

I think pullups are a massive scam, I think they delay potty training. If your kid is still not ready, use diapers. If they are ready, use cloth training pants.
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...Calgon take me away!!! (NOW!)

Well I have said that I didn't think Liam was ready for potty training.. (We haven't even gotten a potty yet!!)

I have been teaching him words like poop and pee so he is familiar with the terms.. and I have been explaining the "In's and out's" of what happens in his diaper.. etc...

anyway.. MIL is up for 2 weeks.. Liam is a bit constipated (only a bit over a day) anyway so hubby calls me at work and says.. "Mom, called she thinks Liam is ready for potty and we should go out and get one.. She even put him up on the potty when he kept saying "change, change".. he went in the potty a little bit!!

Part of me was like.. okay, that's good but I didn't think he was ready (what was I not seeing..) and frankly part of me was jealous.. Why all of a sudden is he cooperating with her!!

So off to Target tonight to get a potty!


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To me the crying and fussing tells me she's not ready. I was happy to start with Karan when he was interested, even though he wasn't physically ready. But I wouldn't have bothered if he was going to make it a battle.

As for Pullups - I found them very convenient when we were out and about for my own piece of mind. If Karan fell asleep in the car, then I would worry about an accident. Otherwise, he'd use the toilet. We also use them at night (we just have some cheap generic version).

I don't think they delayed PTing for us. DS has been trained (day and naps) since about 28 months old. Nights are still hit-or-miss.

I felt the need to bump this, because we are going through it right now. We have been using pullups for a while, but she uses them like a diaper so it's pretty pointless. I'm tired of fighting Reina about it, so based on what I've read here I'm just going to let it go for now.
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