I lost my curls - anyone else?

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It's hard to say. I feel like my hair has regained more curliness some time after the kiddos were born, but I think part of that was from having/taking enough time to put some effort into my hair after they were several months old. My 2C/3A hair does best if I twist a few pieces, scrunch with my hands, and blow-dry it.

Weight... that's another story. My weight was really good after #2, then it's slowly crept up in the past 6-9 months. I've come to the conclusion that cutting out carbs and alcohol are the key to losing, but that's easier said than done.

ETA: Webjockey, your hair looks great in all the pictures you posted. I think cutting it shorter would give you more height (as does my hair), but I like it in all those photos.

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My hair went from being very curly and more waves and some curl now that I have kids. People don't believe me when I say that my texture changing was the hardest thing for me to adjust to being a parent.

Before kids...

After kids...

Weight was a struggle with both kids. I weighed 138 pre-kiddo...then after my son...I pretty much stuck at 155...then after my daughter...I stuck at 160/162...

I have struggled and finally after finding what worked...I lost the weight down to 142...mind you though I did this last year...and Addison was 2 1/2 when I decided that I had to focus some on me. Exercise...was a must.. I still have to watch what I eat more..I think that is age (I'm almost 37). My hair is just now turning back to normal somewhat...getting back some of the curl I lost or maybe it's because I wacked it... Addison will be 4 in October.

I think it just really takes a woman's body a long time to recover from pregnancy or at least return to normal or the new normal. Then having babies close together makes it tougher. Hang in there...it will come back....although some things will never be the same.

...Even though I weigh 142...and pre-baby 138...my body is totally different. I was 18% body fat at 138...now... I still have fat in the stomacharea...the stretch marks will never be gone...nor will my boobs be as perky thanks to breastfeeding...but those things I'm learning to live with now...

I think both of you FC and Webjockey look great!

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Fierycurls, my hair did the same thing!

My curls got looser, and bigger after my DD was born. She was born almost 2 yrs ago. It takes more effort to get my curls to look right. My curls stay close to the head. I nursed her for 18 months. I didn't stop until after I found out I was pregnant with my son. It became uncomfortable to nurse and I was so sick. I am now 24 weeks pregnant with him.

I think it is because my hair hasn't had a chance to "be" on its own. I have went from pregnancy to nursing, and back to pregnancy, with no break in between. I will likely nurse DS for at least 2 years, so it may be another 2 1/2 years before I can see if my hair will go back completely. Lol

I need serious hair help. I need products!

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