I lost my curls - anyone else?

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Since having children my hair has changed. It's not straight, but it's not curly either. It's like stringy/wavy.

I realize that the weather isn't helping, but I always had curls even in the dry winter months. I'm actually thinking about wearing it straight.

I was looking at old pictures and the difference is remarkable. I know I'm not imagining it.

Is this going to be my new hair forever? Will it go back once I'm done nursing? Has anyone else experienced this?
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Mine is less curly after Dylan, and I've actually been wearing it straight most of the time. If I let it airdry without product, it comes out mostly straight anyway. I really have to pile on the recoil and gel and scrunch to get any curl. it's just not worth the effort with all the other things I have on my plate.
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I love my girls but having them was the single worst thing that's ever happened to my hair - it's totally wrecked. I have gone from mostly-3A-almost-3B-in-places to somewhere in the 2s, with whole sections that are stick straight. I can coax some curls still in the canopy, but that involves a lot of product and diffusing. Like you, the difference in photos is remarkable. I have never in my life worn my hair straight, until a few months ago. I had my stylist show me how to style it straight, because fighting to get it to curl just isn't worth it anymore. I'll probably wear it straight all winter. Oh, and mine started to change almost 3 years ago, and it looks like a permanent situation. Maybe yours is just temporary!
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My hair is just kind of stringy and weird and wavy. I straighten with a flat iron now. I never wore my hair straight but it looks like ass if I try to wear it curly, so I've given up. Sniff. Straight hair is a lot more reliable, I will give it that.
Oh man you've got to be kidding me! After almost 10 years on this site, countless products and product combinations I finally perfect my curls and now they're gone. This really stinks.

I hardly ever wore my hair straight because blowing out my hair was a total PITA, but I think it might be easier now than trying to get it curly.

Has anyone ever had it go back after a certain amount of time?
If you got nothing to bring to the table - don't even bother sitting down.
Oh yes, it's so sad isn't? I used to have great c type curls before my babies. My hair always looked great. I always got compliments on it, and only had to use one kind of inexpensive gel on it. There wasn't a lot of upkeep. Shampoo, condish, gel, blow dry upside down. I didn't know how good I had it until it was gone.

After my first baby I could tell it wasn't the same. Less curly, no body, just blah. It would just hang there. Then I found this website about 4 yrs ago and started experimenting with different products, and techniques. Finally came up with a routine that really helped my less curly hair look pretty good. Only problem was that it was a lot more expensive, time consuming, and the products that I loved I could only get online. It just wasn't realistic for me to keep it up.

So sadly I have given up the quest for great curls . I just don't have the time or money for it. I keep my hair short and straight now. I'm pretty happy with it. I like the style that I have, and it is just much easier to manage. I will always pine for the curls lost, and some day I may even pursue that direction again.

So Jenny C, sorry my story wasn't very reassuring either, but we are all different and maybe your curls will come back. Here's to hoping!
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Some of my hair gets riddled with tiny knots now (lower left section). The curl pattern is about the same as before, but the knots are a recent development. It also seems to grow a lot slower now.
I'm breastfeeding too and my hair not only looks like crap (stringy and weird curl pattern), but it's falling out at the roots, whenever I detangle in the shower. It's depresssing. I'm thinking of cutting it all off.

In my case, it always goes back to normal after I'm done nursing.
I think most women go through a hair-looks-like-crap period of time after having a baby. I did...but my hair always went back to normal after a year or two. I think that's yet another reason why it's desirable to wait a couple years between babies. Pregnancy depletes maternal stores of nutrients, and it takes a while to build that back. I would imagine having several pregnancies in a row would make it even harder to come back from.
It was this very topic that brought me to nc.com in the first place. My hair used to be much more curly than it is now and I had a lot more of it. I used to have crap eating habits and smoked like a chimney and my hair was gorgeous. Now that I've had some kids and I'm taking better care of myself, my hair looks like caca. The curls came back, but much much looser. Now my roots are always flat when before I did have some curl and lift there.
I lost most of my curl several years ago, from 3a bordering on 3b, to 2. Now with a baby, I don't have the time to try and encourage the curl that is left.

I've been seriously considering getting a big chop or something chemical (either a perm or getting it relaxed) because I'm just so tired of hating my hair.

Sadly this is also the case with my hair. I had beautiful 3b/3c curls. Now all I get is frizz.
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I think mine may have even gotten better!
It actually stayed great all throughout.
I think you should just give it some time
my hair now tangles if you look at it. for the first time in my product testing did a moisturizing conditioner tangle my hair.

it's also breaking and shedding. I'm hoping to mitigate some of this by using a protein deep conditioning treatment, and maybe some henna.
When pg with my boys I lost the curl and went very short. With my daughter I had decent hair.
I think it's hormones causing the changes. My hair didn't curl until puberty, anyway. I dread menopause because I think I'll go back to weird straight and frizzy.
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My hair is a stringy mess. I am also going through the big postpartum shed, but it doesn't seem to be ending. In the shower I lose HANDFULS of hair, in addition to the hair all over my clothes, my pillow, the kids... I'm kind of freaking out about it and I'm just hoping it goes back to normal when I stop nursing.
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I am shedding a ton too. It happened with my first baby too when he was 3 or 4 months old, and got better by the time he was 6 months or so. I expect that it'll be the same this time. My curl might have gotten a little looser since having children, but not much. It looks like caca if I don't use products, but I think it's always been that way. Curls are so fickle.
I've lost my hair height ad curl.

Hubby dug up some old photos of me before kids and I forgot how thick and lush my hair used to be before kids. The short hair is pre-kids. The white shirt one is after kiddo #2 and the nonprofessional photo is taken today.
I lost my curls - anyone else?-553526_10151083678315890_366012989_n.jpg

I lost my curls - anyone else?-295370_10151043984530890_91623164_n.jpg

I lost my curls - anyone else?-photo-8-19-12-9.49-am.jpg

And the shedding is so bad.

Funny, when I first went natural I didn't appreciate having the height so much and now I want it back. I'm wondering if I cut it shorter if it would return.

Any words of encouragement or advice would be most appreciated.
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My hair has also been different since #3 .He's 4 now and it really has just stopped breaking and started growing. I wore it straight all last winter because it just looked awful natural. Two winters before, I cut it and she cut the layers too short; I had too much volume on top and not enough throughout unless I wore it straight. I also had/ am having a much much harder time losing weight... so I don't know if the 2 are related to each other, to hormones, or to age (iirc, we are around the same age).

I am finally seeing some improvement though, it's just taken longer this time around.
Weight is a whole nother story. I've gained about 60lbs since having kids. Now that I'm done I hope I can really focus. It's hard.

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