Teething sucks.

I ordered mine a little too long also, since he's still little though I can just tuck it in his shirt and he forgets about it.

i might have to get one of those necklaces for majerle. she sprouted her first tooth only 6 months ago, so theyre all pretty much coming in at once. she would love the necklace.
Bumping this because I never knew what to say when people asked me if this worked because I wa never consistent in putting it on him, but when he was getting several teeth at once and waking up off and on all night I decided to put it on him and not take it of unless swimming or bathing and boy has it made a differance!

Bumping again because I'm considering buying a teething necklace for my daughter. I'm just concerned about these necklaces being a strangulation hazard.

ETA: I have no idea what length to buy. My daughter is 8 months old.

Edited again: I got the 12" Light Mix. Hopefully it will arrive soon and I'll post our experience with it.

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