So, when will medussa have her babe & what will she have?

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I thought she would have by now.
She prolly feels like nevah! lol

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If you had posted this thread when I was pregnant, I would have dragged my pregnant ass to Texas to yell A LOT. Didn't you get annoyed when people started asking every 5 minutes when you were going to have the baby?
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I don't know when but I vote girl.

I had a dream last night that she had twins though. The hospital stole the boy one and let her keep the girl one.

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I'm sure she'll have it in the next week or two. I vote girl.
Didn't you get annoyed when people started asking every 5 minutes when you were going to have the baby?
Oh my goodness, this is the truth.

: toothy2:
I'm not voting.
I hadn't noticed her posting for the past couple days. I thought maybe she was having the baby now!
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btw..this was a pole gone

Well, A~, thank goodness I didn't ask H~
No, tho the little one came the day before due date...
And aren't you supposed to be coming to Tejas soon or no?

lol @ DA...that's wild!

I vote Friday & girl...

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Doesn't she always wait until she's 41 weeks? I vote Saturday and girl. Good luck, Medussa!
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I'll go with Saturday too
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Uh, soon?

A healthy human.
This is so wrong.

I vote girl.
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Okay, I guessed Thursday....Did Medussa have her baby yesterday? LOL!!!

just couldn't help myself.
If she can hold it in until the 31st, that my DD's bday.
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I had to go to the mall to pick up something this morning and people were staring at me. Two women asked when I was due, as did the cashier guy at Panera Bread. It was in that tone too--that "you must be due any second now, right?" I really am trying to see the humor in all of this, because if not, I just want to cry, like I did this morning.

I put in my 40+ weeks and I'm terrified of being induced. I'm just feeling very emotional and tearful. I understand in my head that no one stays pregnant forever but I feel like I am. Even Lilly has gotten impatient. She comes up to my belly, pulls up my shirt, and says, "abre!"

Anyway, I had a post-date sono and everything looks good. I have another appt with the midwives on Thursday, when we'll discuss induction for Friday or Saturday.

I hate to whine like this because I've had a really great pregnancy. Physically, I still feel pretty good. Everyone is waiting but no one can be more anxious to meet this baby than me. I'm just not feeling so great emotionally.
Awww hugs sweetie! I can't imagine what you're going through at all, but sending hurry up baby vibes your way!
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I'm sorry you're feeling down, Medussa. It's so hard at the end with everyone asking "you haven't had that baby yet?" when you clearly haven't.

All I did the last couple days was complain and whine, so I don't have any helpful suggestions for you. Look at the bright side though, even if you are induced on Friday or Saturday, Baby should be here by this time next week.

Good luck!
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From one long gestater (is that a word?) to another, I really feel for you. FWIW, I went into labor less than 12 hours from when I had tentatively agreed to have my water broken (midwife felt that baby was far enough down for it to probably be effective). I remember being really anxious to have Aidan, but the last couple of days before he was born after he was determined healthy and all by u/s, I decided to argue against induction (I was actually thinking of you when you decided not to be induced with Lilly) and just enjoy my last couple of days with just my older kids. Oh, and I spent a ton of time on all fours, I really think that helped move him into position and get labor started.

Good luck, it won't be a whole lot longer now.
Awwww, lady.... you'll have your precious baby soon. Hang in there!
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