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This is my friend Vickie, who just had her son last week. I remember the amazing black and white video of the woman and the birthing tub and thought you guys might enjoy this.

It does contain nudity and is a little graphic when her son is born, so it's probably not safe for work!
You are an evil biatch, evil. Your life must suck!
Originally Posted by snowflakes821
Loved the video.

Thank you for sharing.

If I ever decide to have children, I would definitely consider homebirthing.

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I'd also consider a homebirth. It was so peaceful. Then after Ollie was born, Vickie and Clay spent the next few days cocooned in their bed with him. It seems like a great way to bond with your baby.

I'm also uneasy with hospitals in general, so I think a homebirth would work well for me.
You are an evil biatch, evil. Your life must suck!
Originally Posted by snowflakes821
Thanks for sharing...that was beautiful!
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Thanks for sharing! I had a homebirth too.

That was absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful selection of music that really enhanced the video too! Such a miracle that always makes me cry

Oh, that was so beautiful!

And I love how their cat was there as well.

I'm all teary.
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Lovely peaceful birth. That's how it's supposed to be, and that's how it could be for 95% of birthing women. Birth is a normal body process.
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That was so beautiful! Thank you (and your friend!) for sharing. :-)
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