How much milk to pump for my newborn?

Next Saturday my husband will be taking me and some of our friends out to celebrate my birthday. We'll probably be gone for about 5 hours. I'm trying to figure out how much milk I should pump this week. Would 10 oz be enough? My daughter nurses every 2-3 hours.

We went out when Maya was a couple of weeks old. I left way more milk than was necessary because I didn't want to be out worrying about if there was enough milk for the baby. Does she cluster feed in the evening? For five hours I'd probably leave 3 four oz. bottles just to be safe. I'd also guess that a newborn won't consume 12 oz.of milk in 5 hours.
I don't remember my babies drinking more than 4 oz per feed for a long time so I think you'd be good with 10 oz.

I'm sure that's plenty. I used to send Elise to daycare (starting at 10 weeks old) with four bottles--3 oz. each, and that covered 10-12 hours.
Thanks. I'm getting about 1 oz a day right now, so I'm hoping to get 8 oz total by next Saturday. Actually, come to think of it, I'm going to need quite a bit more because I don't plan on nursing for a few hours after I get home, since I'll probably have 2-3 drinks with dinner.
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