Peke moe sleep sack anyone tried it?

I have been looking at the peke moe sleepsacks on their website and just wondered if anyone had tried them. Just looking for an alternative to the grobags for a wee fella that is always waking himself up with his hands scratching his face. I guess i knowthe grobags are super safe and i was not so sure about these, looks like alot of loose fabric.

I looked at them online. They look "safe" enough to me, but I probably wouldn't use it. I'm of the mind that babies, even new babies, should have access to their hands. Hand/thumbsucking is soothing and I'd hate to deprive a baby who needed soothing of the ability to self-soothe.

thanks for the reply and the picture
I know what you mean about access to hands etc but my boy seems to get more agitated when his hands are near his mouth and face, wondered if he would be more comfertable if they were covered.
How old is your boy? Have you tried swaddling him?
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He is 18 weeks old and i do swaddle him in a miracle blanket for naps, He smiles and yawns as soon as i wrap him up. However i feel it is too restrictive to use all night and he is beginning to roll on his side and therefore not safe. I think swaddling is great for wee ones though, the first time i showed my husband it he thought it looked awful but on the instant he was wrapped he closed his eyes and looked do contented, husband converted!
I have no idea how long (until what age) you can swaddle a baby. I stunk at it, so I never swaddled DS.

I think you can trim his fingernails at that age. If you don't want to use clippers or scissors to trim his nails, a small nail file works really well.
Long, blonde, 3a/mostly b hair.

You can still swaddle him. I never used a miracle blanket and just used a regular rectangular flannel one. I swaddled tightly and never had my kids rolling over while swaddled. Also, have you tried just using those little baby gloves or even just socks on his hands?
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