Birthday Party Dilemma!!

I need some help or advice.

Yesterday, DS got a birthday party invitation from one of his good friends at daycare. He saw the invitation and got very excited when I told him it was for M's birthday fact, he's been talking about it constantly and the party isn't until August 16th.

The dilemma:

I think my friend's DD's birthday party is that day too...but I am not sure because I haven't received an invitation (we would be invited) or any details about it. It's usually just DS and her DD at the party and then their extended family. My friend's DD and my DS are two and a half weeks apart - so they are close in age, but they don't see each other as often.

So...which party would you go to? The one that your DS is excited about and that you have the invitation for.


the one for my friend's DD that we will definitely be invited to, but have not received any information about that party and am not sure when it will be,...but it is a real possibility that it is on the same day (same time too).
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Got this dilemma this w/e Sat & one Sun & neither of the kiddos will be in the same class in the fall...
I asked the little one if there was only one to make, which one...
Let the little one decide.
And the one that was decided on is actually the second invite we rec'd...
Around here, the kid parties are usually short, and early afternoon. Family parties are usually later in the day/evening type things.

Wondering if maybe you could fit both in? Leave one a little early (slip in a nap if necessary) and arrive at the other a little late?

ETA ~ Disregard this....just saw that the parties are at the same time!
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I would call your friend and find out, if she's a really good friend. Maybe if she knows your dilemma she can pick a different day or time.

If the worst comes to the worst, I'd have a tough time deciding too, but I think I would let my son go to his daycare friend's party that he is excited about, since he sees that friend every day and it would be harde for him to miss it. You could always get a gift for your friend's son and take it over there some other time, or drop by at the beginning or end of the party on the way to the other one.

Also, you got this formal invitation first and so your friend should understand.
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I'd say go with the first one. Your son is excited about it and, well, they asked first!
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I would talk to your friend and tell her your son has another party..maybe she can adjust the time of her party if it hasn't been set yet. Otherwise, I would take DS to the first one...he's excited and if he's like my son...he won't forget the invite and would be highly disappointed.
HaHa! I don't need to chose. My friend is having her DD's party on the 15th! So glad I don't have to make that decision - but I was leaning towards going to his daycare friend's party since we were invited to that one first!
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Yeah!!! That's when we are doing DS's birthday as well. His is really on the 16th but out of town family...easier on a Saturday for them.
Yeah!!! That's when we are doing DS's birthday as well. His is really on the 16th but out of town family...easier on a Saturday for them.
Originally Posted by inheritedcurls
For the past two years, my sister has ended up doing my nephew's birthday parties on Sundays in the late afternoon (like 4:00-7:00). I see why she does it - both years it's been right after Passover ended so we couldn't have done cake on the Saturday. And her kid naps in the afternoon so he's most pleasant if they do the party late instead of waking him up early. It makes sense, but it's a pain for everyone else.
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