Big/tall kid - short parents?

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Anyone have a child or children that are taller than you and their father? My son is 5'5", just turned 13 and he is already taller than me (not hard, I'm 5'1") and his dad is just 5'8". He already wears a man's size 10 shoe and his dad wears an 8.5/9. I have a feeling he is going to tower over us both.
My husband is 6'0". His mom is 5'6", his dad is 5'5" and his dad is the tallest out of the siblings on his side of the family. My husband was also a defensive college linebacker, so he has a big frame to go with his height. Genetics are fascinating.
All my kids are going to end up taller than me (not hard, I'm a vertically challenged 5'1"). My oldest son is taller than his father at 5'8". My 2nd son is "only" 6'2" right now at 17. His father is 6'6", so I don't think he's going to grow past him but he may get a little taller before he's done. It's too early to tell for my younger 2 children. My daughter is small, but I think she'll end up at least as tall as me, hopefully taller. The youngest boy will probably be my husband's height, 6'1".
My son is just under 6 ft. His father is 5'6" and I'm about 5'5". He wears a size 12 or 13 shoe and tower

His father's brother is 6' so I think that's where his height came from. There are no tall men in my family. Think the tallest was 5'8". I'm the tallest woman.
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I'm 5'6 and my SO 5'7, my oldest son (15 in Nov) is around our height so I suspect is going to tower over us both pretty soon. I think my younger son will probably end up about the same as us as he's always been small for his age, but who knows? No tall genes at all in either of our families.
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My SO's parents are 5'5 and 5'10... average. He is 6'5". No one is sure where his height came from but another one of his brothers is 6'1" so it's in the genes somewhere!
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My son is built like a football player. My husband and I both have narrow frames. My husband is overweight but still has very narrow hips and thin legs. My son eats like he's starving and I think it's all going to this feet right now.
My son eats like he's starving and I think it's all going to this feet right now.
Originally Posted by Speckla

There's nothing like the grocery bill of a family with a teen boy, or two. It's like a giant vaccum just sucks the food right out of the house.

They grow into those big puppy feet. My 2nd son wore a size 13 at 12 years old. I though they'd never stop growing, but they did, and he finally grew tall enough to look normal. Now those big feet are coming in handy with his swimming.

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