Colin is heading to the ENT next week to confirm Laryngomalacia which is a condition seen in small babies in whom the larynx and trachea (or voice box) is particularly soft and limp. 80% of babies with this condition also have acid reflux issues as well (as colin does)

has anyone here had a baby with this condition? I have noticed that it is taking a toll on breastfeeding (at the breast) because he is having breathing issues my let down is still too fast for him to tolerate. so I pump the breastmilk and or formula (on occasion) and he likes the bottle so much better.

the condition causes him to sound like a squeaky toy when he breathes in.

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No words of advice, D, just sending you a hug.
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My youngest was diagnosed with this. It's pretty common. His breathing was VERY loud in his first year, especially when he was sleeping. If I was a first-time mother, it probably would have alarmed me, but he was my 4th, and it's possible that one or two of my older kids also had it to a lesser degree, so I was pretty relaxed about loud-breathing-babies by then. It got completely better with time. No treatment needed. He did not have reflux.
huh, I wonder if Ethan had this. He breathed very loudly the first few months, especially when he was sleeping. People would even come up to me and ask why he was making that squeaky noise. I just thought it was cute... shows how much I know. He was a pretty spitty-uppy baby (still is some) compared to his brother, but not enough to alarm me. Obviously is he did, it was a very mild case.

(((HUGS))) Deedles! I hope you get your issues with colin resolved soon!
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Sandhya probably had this as well. Our Ped commented on it when he heard her squeaking during one appointment. But to be honest, she had more serious issues that needed to be dealt with and this one was never addressed. She grew out of it.

Hope all is well with your little guy.

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