Found out sexes!! Twin Boys!

Tomorrow is my ultrasound to find out the genders of our twins!! CAN. NOT. WAIT. In just over 24 hours we'll be on our way to the doctor's.

I've always preferred little girls, and my husband wants boys of course, so I thought it would be good to get one of each to get our egos' desires out of the way. But y'know, every time I meet or play with a little boy, I fall in love with them too! I really don't care what the genders will be. And I bet that if there are girls my DH will be smitten with them too. (He's just a little wary of princess dresses and hair bows.)

Because I am so excited I am going to attach an US picture. It's about a month old, but you can see Baby B lying horizontally with the head on the left hand side. And Baby A's head is on the right side looking from a top-down perspective.

UPDATE: It is two boys! The hubs is sooo stoked. He's really a proud papa now. We spent allllllll afternoon, evening, and night talking about names and name combinations. It was so fun!
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How exciting! I hope all goes well, and they cooperate.
Congratulations! Hope your ultrasound goes well.

We found out the sex of our first baby (boy), but didn't find out with the second (boy).
Awww..congrats. Can't wait to hear whether it's blue or pink or both!!

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Congratulations! Little boys are wonderful!

And LOL about your husband. When we found out about both of our boys, my husband walked around with his chest puffed out talking about his "super-sperm".
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Congratulations and welcome to the (mother of) boys club !

Just noticed your ticker has two babies in the pod, very cute.
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Aw, two little brothers all safe and snuggly together! Congratulations.
Cool! Congrats!
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