bottle size and nipple ?

I bought bottles before Avery was born and while she'll take them I've found that another brand seems to work better for her. They have a newborn nipple that really controls the flow of milk well which she needs cause she's a good sucker!

So two questions...1) can I give 4oz of milk in 9 oz bottles or will that introduce too much air? I hate to have to buy another full set of smaller bottles if I can just buy the larger ones and change out nipples as she grows.

2) The Avent company makes a newborn nipple that is a step slower flow than the slow flow nipple. Avery is just over 1 month old but these newborn nipples seem to work well for her. The slow flow makes her really mad and she drinks way too fast. Can I just use whatever nipple works best or are there guidlines on when to go to faster flow nipple? I don't want to affect her sucking skills or something by using the wrong speed nipple.
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Keep using whatever nipples work for her right now.

I always used big bottles that were only filled halfway, I never had any problems. No need to buy smaller bottles. She'll be drinking 8oz before you know it anyway.
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It's fine to use bigger bottles with a smaller amount.

Also fine to use whatever nipple works well. I used newborn nipples with both kids till they stopped using bottles as toddlers. If you are breastfeeding and giving bottles, newborn nipples are best no matter how old your baby is, because they are most similar to the flow rate from the breast.
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I only use slow flow nipples. I'm not sure if this makes any logical sense but since I wanted to be able to compete with the nipple for breastfeeding, I thought they should be slower or at least compete with my own.

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