treating dry scalp?

Liam went to go get a much needed haircut today.. (it's been a while) anyway she cut it nice and short and I noticed Liam has got quite a bit of dry scalp.. do you know how to get rid of it or treat it??

Liam: 6 years old
Colin: 3 years old
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I would wonder if it's truly dry-scalp, or just an accumulation of skin cells from not scrubbing enough when washing (cradle cap). Either way, I'd put a little oil on his scalp a half hour before his next bath...reall rub it in...then shampoo well, again with some good rubbing. One or two treatments like that usually clears up cradle cap.
RCW, I have baby oil? will that do?

Liam: 6 years old
Colin: 3 years old
Location: Williamsburg, Virginia
Member Since: August 2000
I should try that - Solomon has dry scalp too. I'm pretty sure it's actually dry scalp because my husband and I both also get it bad. I got Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo (sulfate-free) for us to use but I don't know if I'd use it on Solomon.

Abram also has cradle cap and I sometimes use a baby hairbrush to exfoliate his scalp. It doesn't completely clear it up but it helps a little.
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Oil works great on cradle cap and dry scalp. I've used both baby oil and olive oil on Danae. To exfoliate, I mix one T. of oil and one T. of brown sugar together, then gently rub it onto her scalp. I'll let it sit for a few minutes, then shampoo it out. Her hair is too thick for the baby brush trick now that she's older, and I only shampoo her hair twice a week (it's really dry, and even sulfate-free shampoos make it very difficult to manage). The oil/sugar mix makes a great body exfoliant, too!
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I did oil with my first and it was meh. By the time my second came along I read somewhere to make a baking soda/warm water paste and then comb it through. Usually takes only two applications and then you don't have to deal with the greasy baby.

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