If you had a winter baby, would you do it again?

DH and I are thinking about trying for a 3rd sometime soon, for a Jan/Feb/Mar due date. Is it hard having a baby in winter - not being able to go for walks, having to bundle up before you leave the house, etc.? My oldest would be in preschool, so it means getting 3 kids out of the door every morning. I guess it probably would be easier in the summer (DH thinks so), but I'm itching for a baby and Feb sounds like a good time to have one!
I had one May baby, one September baby and two December babies.

My May baby was the best...no coats needed, not too hot for pregnancy. That was my favorite.

Next favorite would be the December babies. Having a baby around the holidays is very special. Prenancy was very comfortable in cooler weather and I loved having to mostly stay inside for a couple months waiting til spring.

I wasn't fond of having a baby in September at all...the summer was f*cking hotter than hell. I vowed never to do that again. By the time the baby arrived, Autumn was upon us and it was a tiny bit depressing (I always find Autumn a little depressing anyway).
I had one in September and one in December, and I preferred the September. I agree with RCW that it was hot (it was also my first summer living in a house with no A/C), but I loved being able to wear dresses while huge instead of having to worry about pants and multiple maternity pieces. I also loved being able to take the baby for walks and not worry about dressing him warm right away. I just had my second child this past December and I'm going a bit stir-crazy not being able to go outside. Plus, I'd like to exercise but I'm not ready to leave the baby and go to the gym, so being able to walk/hike with him would be great. I can see that a spring baby would be fantastic, so maybe wait just a few months?
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i think it has alot to do with where you live. we live in north carolina and had a summer baby (june). i had to keep her indoors alot because it would be 90 degrees througout the day and then at night the mosquitos were out in full force. typically winters here are very mild, so i didnt even have to buy her a snowsuit.
My first was a December baby, and I specifically wanted the second to be a spring baby. (He was born in April.) If we have more, I would shoot for the spring again. I really liked not being pregnant in the summer. With the first, I was miserable all summer, even though I wasn't that pregnant yet. Then when it actually got cold, it was a monumental effort to reach my feet to put shoes on. Never again.
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but I loved being able to wear dresses while huge instead of having to worry about pants and multiple maternity pieces.
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ITA with this statement... I had one pregnancy in August and one in January and I loved my one in August so much better, yes, it was horrible hot but I loved being able just to throw on a light pair of shorts and t-shirt.. instead of multiple layers that would make me look like the stay puft marshmellow man..

IF.. and I mean a HUGE IF If I had another I would shoot for a late spring early summer baby.. again
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My son was born in early March so not exactly a middle of winter baby but around here early March is still cold and miserable and prone to snow. I have to admit I had a bit of cabin fever being cooped up at home those first few weeks and would have loved it if he would have been born in the Spring/early Summer. This time I'm due in July and although I know it will be hot, it'll be nice to be able to get out and about sooner and not worry about bundling up or colds/flu-y stuff.
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Seasons weren't something I took into consideration (when I wanted a baby, I wanted it NOW! LOL). But yeah, I didn't particularly enjoy having a winter baby as the second one. I really felt cooped up with a 2 year old and a newborn.

I didn't care too much about the seasons when I had my babies (July and December). If we have another one, I'll try to time it for early spring (March-April), but that's more based on my work schedule (the academic calendar) than weather.

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I had one in early March and one in early July. I preferred the early March time of year better. The July baby was born during one of the hottest summers. By the time that winter rolled around, the March baby was bigger and it was not too bad to take him out.
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I think I'd like to have had an early spring/late fall baby. I was pregnant all winter and spring. I gave birth on 6/18 and it was hot, hot and miserable. Alabama summers were hot and humid. We stayed inside a lot because it was too miserable and the sun was too hot/strong.
I had a Sept baby and an April baby. The April was much better. I spent the more uncomfortable months in the late winter and was much happier than being hot and swollen at the end. Plus by April we could take walks, etc and not have to bundle up. And my 2yo could still go out back and play so she wasn't so stir crazy while I attended to a newborn. We have been talking about when to start trying and I'm shooting for a march/April baby.
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