Dare I say it??

But I think my DS - now 3.5 years - may be night trained.

Last week, he woke up with a dry diaper. The night after that he didn't want to put his diaper back on after he went pee...so I decided to let him. The next morning, I had completely forgotten about letting him go diaper free. I told him to take off his jammies and his diaper so that he could get dressed. When he pulled off his pants, and his diaper wasn't there, I remembered that he had gone without a diaper. I immediately started feeling his pants, and they were dry!! It's been about 6 days, and he only had his first accident last night!

All this and I have half of a massive box of size 4 diapers left (80 or 90 diapers)!
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Yay!!! What a great day it would be to have no more diapers in the house!

Now can your little DS hop across the Rockies and teach my 4.5 year old this little trick? DS still wakes up wet at least once a week.


I thought Connor might be ready a couple weeks ago (he turned 3 in December) because he had several days in a row of waking up with a dry pull-up. We tried underwear overnight, and he had a few more dry nights, but then he started wetting about half the time. I got tired of washing his bedding, so I've put him back into pull-ups at night.
Whoo-hoo! Danae night trained a couple months ago and it felt like sweet, sweet freedom...LOL I was really hoping she'd be night trained before the little guy came along next month.
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WOO HOO.. Yeah for you and yeah for Mr. E

Liam is finally making some progress.. we are behind you in potty training because we were told not to push it and let him lead.

He's finally starting to get up from whatever he's doing and go to the toilet.. he loves to stand and pee!

#2 is still not happening he'll go in the undies or pull up before even telling us. hopefully we'll be there before age 4 (august)
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i thought we had successfully completed night potty training a few weeks ago, but then it got all screwed up after her trip to the ER (i think her meds are making her extra thirsty) combined with the fact that her dad has been getting home from work right before she goes to bed. he'll think nothing of giving her two bottles of gatorade before she gets tucked in!

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