would protein help hair retention?

So I think I lean more towards the protein sensitive group, as my 3b hair tends to be course, though I have chunks of fine, fine hair that doesn't like to curl, then really kinky spots underneath.

When I shower/cowash, about every other day or so, I have massive amounts of hair come out and it's driving me nuts. I've always been like this too. I'll get nasty palm-fulls of hair out and since I've been trying to grow my hair to mid-back for about 3 years now.... hair falling out is not helping! plus my regrowth is soooooo curly.

Would a protein treatment strengthen my hair enough to not come out in the shower? Maybe I need a little after all...
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If you are loosing a lot of hair (the hair has a root bulb attached), but your hair isn't getting thinner, this is normal. Some hair just has a lot of turn over.
If your hair is breaking (doesn't have a root bulb) because it does not have enough protein, then protein will help.
Not everyone can grow hair down to their ankles. Hair has a terminal length. Hair on the arms, eyebrows, etc. has a short terminal length. Each person's hair's terminal length is different. Mine terminal length is very short. It just barely touches my shoulders. Here is a link that explains the hair growth cycle.
The Reason Armpit Hair Doesn’t Grow Down To Your Knees
http://pedaheh.blogspot.com/ (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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