I think proteins is a good thing for my hair!!

Today I did a treatment of two eggs and a bit of coconut oil let it stay for about 30mins then I Lo-pooed and conditioned and sealed with coconut oil and scrunched in gel... I dnt kno if this is from the protein (I'm hoping it is!) but my hair is super defined and way curlier than before.... Usually I'm 3a with a bit of 3b but today I'm mainly 3b which makes me very happy this is probly the wrong section for this but do u think this happened fromthePT??? IIA
Same thing happened to
Me. I did a PT with eggs, olive oil, and yogurt. After I rinsed, low poo-d and conditioned my hair felt amazing and my curls were clumped and defined. I was so happy! I think my hair needs more protein because before this it would feel dry the day after I co-washed and my curls were more like stringy waves.
~ Dense, fine, low porosity ~

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