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From what I've read & pieced together, I've come up with this: dying breaks the hair down, making it less thick. protein is supposed to be good for it- like, replenish the thickness, right?

I dyed & flat ironed my hair a lot (12yrs-17). I've been natural since like august, 2010. Done really well getting back to my natural state although I'm not CG (I experiment). I love my curly hair. I don't straighten it much. In fact, I prefer my curly hair all the time no matter what its doing! Lol. I'm having a lot of success healing all the damage & going thru a phase of beautiful new growth.

Its getting thicker, I can tell. But I really want to help it, ya dig? I'm 3c- tight, springy, soft ringlets. I'm pretty sure I have fairly porous hair. I still see a lot of my scalp sometimes.. I think that's what bothers me. I've read about how constant dying stresses the thick factor & that protein can replenish it, making smaller strands grow thicker. Also that porous hair tends to like protein.

Can anyone prove any of this to me? Lol. Or have had any success stories similar to mine.. or anything at all!! Haha much appreciated.

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Protein treatments are meant for stopping farther damage on your hair and help your hair become resilient from damaging chemicals. It does not help your hair to become thicker nor adds moisture. To help your hair become thicker, you need to use poo & condish rich in vitamin B & biotin.

Porous hair does not like protein. Protein does not add moisture to your hair, it's more so the opposite. Any protein treatment that you use on your hair, you will need to follow up with a deep conditioning humectant afterwards. Your hair will become even more porous if you don't.
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Actually if your hair is porous, as yours may be since porous means it has holes in the cuticle, which often occur from heat, dye, or just naturally, it needs protein to fill in the holes. Protein will make hair stronger, perhaps thicker only in the way that those holes will get filled in. Some people say it makes their hair thicker. I think it just makes it healthier and bouncier so it looks thicker, but that's just me.

Protein itself is not moisturizing, but if you fill in those holes that the moisture is escaping from, then you maintain your moisture longer. It's always a balancing act to get the moisture/protein right for happy hair.
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