Shampoo or rinse out PT?

I am pretty new to protein treatments (10 weeks so far, using one every two). I am still experimenting. The first one I ever did was an egg mixed with mayo and evoo. I've since cut out the mayo and a few weeks ago ran out of evoo so I have just been using an egg mixed with suave naturals coconut conditioner. I know for some people this isn't penetrating enough, but it works for me just fine. Anyway, I have a question about rinsing the PT out of your hair. I usually do the PT, rinse it, follow with the DT then rinse that. The past couple of times I have washed out the PT with shampoo then did the DT. If I simply rinse it out my hair is greasy and feels disgusting. I end up having to shampoo it the next day because I can't stand it. (I have to put my hair up in a bun and use a very thick headband to cover my greasy roots in the meantime *yuck*). I typically shampoo my hair every two to three days, so I feel shampooing it after only one day isn't very good. Does anyone else deal with this problem? I have searched the Internet looking for answers, but it is never quite clear whether or not you are supposed to wash out the PT or simply rinse it out. Washing after rather than before my PT seems to have made no difference in its effectiveness. Any thoughts/ similar experiences?
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Ouch. Sorry we didn't get to your question quickly enough.

I hope you've found an answer by now, but at any rate, I would say you need to shampoo out your PT if it leaves your hair feeling that way.
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While you like the PT you're using, it could be the problem. With the exception of occasionally using IAgirl's PT, I stopped putting food in my hair. I used one that was posted by cherryloa a few years back--Greek yogurt and Bragg's Amino Acids. I hated that my hair smelled like sour milk and teriyaki sauce. For the most part, I use moisturizing PTs from the online, boutique type companies. Just rinse them out and don't DT or shampoo.

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