Unsure of whether to use protein treatment or not

Hey everyone! I'm pretty new to this site Yesterday I stopped by Target to pick up Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie, which has silk proteins in it. I used it last night and I really like how my hair turned out- However, I've been reading how protein can be bad for some people's hair. My hair is fairly coarse and after years of heat damage I'm finally embracing my curly hair! My question is, how can I tell if my hair needs protein or not?
Fine hair tends to like protein, porous hair tends to like protein, overly elastic hair tends to like protein. If your hair is soft and fly away it probably needs protein.

Protein strengthens hair. You don't want too much or too little, you want the right balance for your hair.

Some hair likes certain proteins but not others. The only way to know for sure is to try it and see if it works for you!

Usually, if the hair has too much protein, it gets stiff. (though sometimes, certain proteins may cause over softness for some people.)

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If your hair looked and felt good then at least that protein is fine. There are people with coarse hair who can use some proteins and people with fine hair who are protein sensitive. Ultimately it comes down to trial and error. You will know if your hair doesn't like a protein. Most people get a straw-like feeling to their hair if they use too much protein. Some people will end up with extremely soft and straight hair. No to heads are alike and a lot of what's said here is a guideline, but there are no hard and fast rules.

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Thanks so much, guys! The more I've been using it, the more it's been making my hair feel gross and straw-like. Guess my hair doesn't like protein! Kind of a shame though because I don't want to waste the product!
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My hair likes protein but I counteract all that protein with a moisturizing dt ever 7-10 days and I'm fine. It's all about balance

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