GVP k-pak as LI or overnight?

I'm new to everything curly and I think protein will probably be good for my hair and I've bought a bottle of gvp k-pak from Sally's and I'm wondering what is the best way to use it. Can I use it as a leave-in after washing? Last night I rubbed a little into my dry hair before bed, and slept with it - but I plan to co-wash this morning so will that wash it all out? I imagine that a clarifying wash followed by a ton of k-pak and then sitting with it as I add heat for an hour or two would be ideal - but so far, I don't have the time or patience for that. What is the next best way to add protein? Can k-pak just be used as a leave-in after washing? Is it better to use it before the regular LI conditioner? Before or after a vinegar rinse (I would think before, right? While the cuticles are still raised enough to fet filled by the protein?)
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The K-Pak protein treatment has mineral oil in it, which many of us can't/don't use. So, you need to be careful with this product and watch for build up.

I do use a lot of the milder PTs as leave ins (CJ Curl Fix, SS Protein Repair, SSI Okra Repair, Mozeke Carrot Protein Mask.) I don't use K-Pak because of the mineral oil, but I don't think that's one to leave in your hair.
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