does hair need to be clean bf pt?

I am experimenting with protein and I wonder if hair needs to be clean/clarified/or wet before protein can fill in the spots it is supposed to fill? I use a ton of conditioner and leave-in during the day so if I slathered a handful of NG conditioner (or K-pak, or another protein rich product) in my hair at night before bed - would the conditioner from the day stop the protein from really working? I co-wash each morning. I'm wondering if I'm wasting my product, time and extra laundry by putting protein stuff in my non-clean hair at night?
I would think that pt's are best done on clean, damp hair. I know Rymorg2, a stylist who posts here on, said that excess water both takes up space that a pt could fill and dilutes your pt. Her suggestion was to at least blot excess moisture from the hair before applying a pt. The thread about it is here.

I'm theorizing here, but I would think that tons of leave in and stylers would also block some pt absorption to some extent. You might try water washing your hair before bedtime, blotting the drippies, then applying your protein. See if that gives you better results in the morning.
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