can I use protein treatment on dry hair?

I know it is more efficient to use protein treatments on clean damp hair - but if I am not a wash-at-night type of gal, do you think I could slather a protein treatment on my dry hair before bed and sleep with it on that way? Last night I spread a handful of protein-rich conditioner through the ends of my hair, and then rubbed a palmful of coconut oil into my hair (my hair is super-thick - so it didn't get to all the strands and my hair only looked dirty - not slathered full of stuff) and then I braided my hair in a french braid, wrapped a t-shirt around my head and slept with it like that. I co-washed this morning as usual - and I don't really notice any difference - but do you think it was a complete waste? I want to try the AIgirl's gelatin recipe - do you think it can be done on dry hair?
I would do it on damp hair. Just spray your hair with water.
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For me, I put all my dc's on dry hair. It seems to absorb better in my hair. The only downside to this is I use up more product but the end result is worth it :-)

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I would definitely not do the gelatin PT on dry hair. I like the idea of spraying your hair until it's damp if you really don't want to wash first.

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Given that hydrolysed protein is water soluble I would have thought the hair being properly soaked then towel dried (leaving water within the core and the cuticle raised) would help the protein absorb. I can't really see how protein would move into the hair by just being layered on the surface of hair that has not been properly wetted (more than superficially). I also would not combine with coconut oil, that is water repellent but has an affinity for protein, no telling what the effect of that would be.
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