Protein Craving and Protein Sensitive???

So this will be a cross post, probably I do remember a few months ago (hadnt been on here in awhile) that someone else had this same problem. Most of my hair is fine and frizzy, it LOVES protein. Which is great but the baby hairs around my face do not. I've always had these great lil ringlets around my face and at the nape of my neck. But when I did a pt treatment back in June they straightened out. It's hot down here so I've been keeping my hair in a bun for the past few months in hopes they would come back. They've sprung back a lil bit but not nearly as consistent as they used to be

It's about to be fall and I might be more inclined to wear my hair down more, so does anyone have any idea how to do a pt treatment without getting my baby hair involved? Obviously it would be nice to just pull them out of the shower cap, but it's a lil hard to wrangle them up when my hair is wet. Since June I've been using a protein conditioner in hopes of stretching out my treatment (only wash my hair twice a week), but that's wearing off now too. Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks!
29 y/o
2bc/Fine/Medium density/WSL/Low Porosity
Low Poo: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat
Rinse Out: Suave Naturals Coconut
Leave In: Tressemme Naturals Conditioner
Loves Proteins!

I don't know but maybe you can part you baby hairs away, then apply your protein treatment to the rest of your hair. When your rinsing it out lean back like how you would in a hair salon and rinse it out with conditioner avoiding the baby hairs.

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