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sus811 09-25-2012 01:37 PM

What is Protein treatment?
Is there somewhere on the site about this? Like who needs it and how and why it works? Or if someone has info flowing and wants to post it here I will take it as well :-)

Geek_Chic 09-26-2012 01:41 AM

Hi Sus. Protein treatments (pt's) are intensive protein packed deep treatments you put on your hair for a specific amount of time to give it a big dose of protein all at once. Some pt's have a good amount of moisture in them as well, while others are mostly protein.

Protein is what gives hair structure and strength, while moisture gives it elasticity. You need a balance of both for happy hair. Too much moisture will leave you with limp, mushy feeling curls, while too much protein can leave you with dry, straw-like hair.

The easiest thing to do is maintain a balance with your daily products, but sometimes, a big dose of protein or moisture is needed to restore that balance. Protein treatments remedy overmoisturized /overconditioned hair, while deep moisture (dt's) help remedy overproteined hair.

I suggest reading this blog entry, by RedCelticCurls, about how to evaluate whether your hair needs moisture or protein, or is at a good balance point. It even has pics, which helped me out. Do follow the "excellent article" link too. It has in depth info. on evaluating moisture /protein needs.

There's always an exception to "the rules", but as for the basics...

Fine hair (small individual strands) needs protein.
Medium hair needs a balance of moisture and protein.
Coarse hair (large individual strands) needs moisture.

High porosity hair needs protein.
Medium porosity hair needs a balance.
Low porosity hair needs moisture.

You don't mention your hair properties (porosity, texture), but those are a good place to start in figuring out what your hair needs and what products will work for you. This page was a good reference for me. If you decide you need a pt after figuring out your hair properties and evaluating your hair, I suggest reading through this thread, by Rymorg2 (a stylist who posts here on, about how to do pt's. Lastly, this post has links to several threads concerning protein.

sus811 09-26-2012 07:39 AM

Wow!! Thanks! My hair is pretty medium in most areas. I will check out RedCeltic's post with pics because I think my hair is ok but it can get halo sometimes.

Thanks again! Very helpful!

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