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My hair was looking pretty limp lately (especially at the ends) and I've been trying to avoid a trim to maintain length, so I decided to try a protein treatment for the first time since going naturally curly to see if it helped. I was a little worried that it might make my very damaged ends brittle or worse in texture than they already are, but it seemed a worthwhile risk if the protein DID help.

I have no idea just how good the Palmers Deep Conditioning Pack is on the scale of protein treatments, but it was available at my local Target and I didn't feel like waiting to order something online (Canadian curlies in my area don't have a ton of product options) and the ingredients looked pretty good.

I am happy to say that it was a success! My hair is bouncy and instead of lying flat my ends are holding curly and seem stronger and a lot less dry! I've got a ton more definition even in my second day hair.

On to the review!

The PDCP wasn't perfect, but I think it did a decent job.

On my thick, past shoulder length (when wet) hair one package was just enough to get a really thorough coating from root to tip after washing my hair with a clarifying shampoo.

I LOVED the smell and I was glad that it lingered so I've gotten two days of lovely coconut scented hair that my partner is currently obsessed with. The texture is pleasantly creamy and smoothed into my hair and stuck very easily, it didn't feel cheap or thin.

The package says to leave it in for 10-20 minutes but I know from experience that I usually need to double that time for most products in order to make any difference in my hair, so I wore it for an entire episode of The Walking Dead. I also wore it under a plastic cap and use my hair dryer to warm it up, which was not included in any instructions on the package but I think probably helped a great deal.

My hair felt a little tough after rinsing so I followed with a brief moisturizing conditioner rinse and my leave in, after which my hair seemed to go back to its usual soft state.

Palmers says you should use the pack once a week in conjunction with their protein conditioner/shampoo, but to me that seems like it would be way too much for most people. I think using the pack alone once a month or every two months would probably be good enough for me. It was about $4 at Canadian Target, so I might look into other options that will give me more product for my buck now that I know my hair likes protein

Hope this was helpful!
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I love this product too! I use it every now again. Smells like summer

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Palmer's is a good brand in general. I'm glad it worked for you! Yay!
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