scratching my head on this one...

Do sulfate shampoos wash out proteins? I noticed that all the cond that i used b 4 going CG had protein in it. They always made my hair soft? But Ive been staying clear of proteins since going CG (its been only 2 wks) because ive been told that med. to course hair doesnt tolorate it very well. I used VO5 kiwi lime twice to cowash and my hair went really dry. Looked at ing and sure enouf it had protein in it but i also used burts bees DT which ive never used before eather. It has loads of natural oils in it so im not sure which one caused the dryness? I really didnt think that using that little protein would do that so quick. Im really not willing to experemint to see which one caused it because I dont want to do any more damage than ive already done.

So do you medium to course curlys tollerate some protien? Or do you avoid it like the plague? And what do you do for moisture in the DRY winter months when hum. dont have enouf moist to pull out of the air?
Armed with the Curl Analyzes!!!
texture: Fine
porosity: Normal
elasticity: Low

co:wash: V05 kiwi lime, CJDF
condish: TS avocado and aloe, GPV cond balm, Yes to carrots
leave in: KCNT
protein: CJ rehab
And yes I'm turning into a PJ
When I over protein my hair I simply co-wash with no protein conditioner for a while till my hair snaps back.

What I use sulfate shampoo for is too wash out an accidental cone. This does not happen too much any more. Or to wash out build up. This does not happen too much anymore either, but did when I first started CG.
After saying that I will say, I truly don't know if sulfate shampoo washes out protein, but it dries me out anyhow, therefore causeing I just layoff the protein.
3A, Protein Senitive, Low Porosity,
Wash: Suave Naturals Conds (excluding Coconut), CVSB
Rinse out/Leave In: GVP Cond. Balm, KCKT,
Style: Naturelle Gel(winter HG), KCCC (summer HG), Flaxseed gel
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