How Do i know?????

Hey guys. I just recently went natural and I constantly hear ppl talk Abt how they are protein sensitive. But how do u know?

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I would love to know this well. I'm 4 mos post bc & 9 mos post relaxer & have no idea.

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My ends of my hair after DC with protein rich conditioner and using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing smoothie as a styler & coconut oil has left my ends of hair very frizzy after a twist out. I DC , once a week w/protein rich cond. Is this a sign that I have protein overload or protein sensitive hair?
When I have protein overload my crown is particularly frizzy and my curls look dry and frazzled. The products that others rave about (with high protein) make my hair a hot mess.

So my experience is not with the ends particularly. But each case is individual and only through trial and error will you know the truth.

So cut out the protein treatments and see if it's better.
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Most people find out they're protein sensitive by using a product with protein in it . . and then their hair may end up feeling hard, brittle, or dry. Feeling like there's no moisture at all.
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