Sensitive to some proteins and not others?

Hi everyone,

I thought that I was completely protein sensitive, but lately I've tried a product with silk protein in it, and my hair seems to like it. Keratin, sometimes seems to be okay too.

Anything with wheat, or soy, or anything hydrolyzed definitely fries my hair though. Does anyone know why that would happen? My hair is really dry and really porous. I guess my hair isn't vegetarian!
I'm not sure why it happens, but it does seem to be common. My hair does really well with keratin. It really dislikes the grain proteins, with wheat being the worst offender. Some people are the opposite.

I gave read that silk is supposed to be more easily tolerated than other proteins. I never cared for it, but others like it.

A lot of it is trial and error. You have to learn which ones your hair can take by trying them out.

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I've learned that it's not necessarily that your hair can't take it but that your hair requires you to use it in a unique way that's not suggested in the directions listed on the bottle.

For instance I had a leave in that said apply to towel dried hair and that didnt work for me cause now my hair is long and takes forever to load product so I had to try with completely soaking wet hair and later that day I got so many compliments I decided to not throw it out

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Don't hold out on us! What was the leave in.
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My first trouble with protein was with silk protein in the form of Suave Naturals Coconut conditioner. I used it as a co-wash and my hair immediately felt like straw. I was only about a month and a half into my CG transition so my hair wasn't as good as it should be. It took about a month for my hair to recover. I did dt's and used heavy leave in's. I basically tried to over moisturize.

Well, since then I found my hair really doesn't like the keratin in LA Looks gels. So as much as some people like them, they are out for me. At least they were cheap but I have 3 full bottles.

Then I tried Nature's Gate conditioners. The 2 I have tried have soy protein and vegetable protein. I unfortunately didn't notice till after I bought them. But I tried them anyway. Since it is a little thicker I used it as a rinse out instead of a co-wash. It worked out great! I have been using them only once a week to be safe since I have normal hair but some of my hair is coarse. The Nature's Gate refreshes my curls.

Not long ago I had won a contest and got a whole package of Curls products. They have silk but I though that since my hair was really healthy now I would give it a shot. NOPE! I only co-washed with the cleansing cream and my hair felt dry as I was washing with it. So I used extra GVPCB as my leave in and I've only used AVG for the last 2 days so I don't think it's as bad as it could be.

So my hair does not like silk or keratin but it does like soy and vegetable. Could partly explain why my hair seemed to always be super dry before I went CG when the shampoo and conditioner I used for years had silk in it. Duh!
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I doubt I have tried all protein out there but my hair despises
Silk amino acids
Wheat (I'm allergic anyway)
Glycogen (the protein in AO's GPB)

Turns out coarse hair already has an abundance or protein and I don't seem to need anymore. it is possible to have less protein sensitivity to certain types of protein depending on where and how they were derived and extracted

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This happens to me also. Wheat protein makes my hair crazy, the protein in my LALSG is my hair's best friend. Who knows why? I just listen to my hair and proceed accordingly.

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