Can you become protein sensitive over time?

How? Why?.....
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You probably could. The problem is more likely that you're protein overloaded, though. To correct that, lay off the protein and start attempting to over condition (use super moisturizing, protein-free products) until you've reached the right balance for your hair.
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I think so. I've had two different experiences with it:

When I first went CG, I used protein all of the time with no problem. About four months in, my hair started showing signs of a sensitivity, which I didn't know anything about. Suddenly I was overloaded. It took six weeks to get my hair back to normal condition, and I had a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with it for almost three years. I think this is because my hair started out with a little damage, as well as being quite porous, so even though it was coarse, it needed the protein. At some point it became too much.

My second experience was actually a reversal. My texture changed due to a medication I stopped taking. Now my hair can't get enough protein. I assume if I went back on it my hair would turn coarse again, thus developing a protein sensitivity.

Rolltidegal is right though, it can be a delicate balance between moisture and protein.
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Yes, that is what happened to me. How? I used too much protein; was using protein treatments and my hair became grizzly, dry, rough. I laid off the protein for almost a year, then slowly began using conditioners with a bit of protein and I have now problem now. I use a moisturizing deep conditioner with 5 proteins in it. The rest of my conditioners have a little protein.
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