Products with protein or Protein-free products?

I'm newly natural and just big chopped a week ago! I've been learning a lot about how to take care of my hair, but I'm still confused about protein sensitivity? My hair has been really dry lately and I want to know if It's because of the products I'm using.
How do I know that a product has protein in it or If a product is protein-free? Also, how do I know if My hair is protein sensitive or not?
Thank you so much for all your help
It will say wheat germ or protein or hydrolyzed etc yes do a protein treatment it won't hurt it will mak your hair stronger
People with fine hair do well with protein. Myself, being a very coarse-haired curly cannot tolerate any protein or my hair turns to straw.
CG since June/09
3a/b extremely thick, coarse, porous
Loving AOHR, Biolage Conditioning Balm, KCCC.
My hair is course too, so I think I'll just play around with protein and see how it reacts with my hair. Thanks guys!

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