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Blonde_Wave_Lover 10-04-2011 02:09 AM

FOTE aloe vera gel is confusing me on protiens??
My first experience with aloe vera gel:
This morning, i washed my hair as usual, applied cocnut oil, honey and an organic leave-in, then (heres the new bit!) smoothed in about a third of a teaspoon FOTE with a drop of olive oil. then when it was dry i put in another leavein that usually makes my hair silky smoooovvveeee, but i noticed that while my hair had definitely clumped better from the aloe, it wasnt as shiny, and seemed grainy/brittle, also its very poofy in some parts :/ im pretty sure aloe veraa gel has proteins in it, and i think im protein sensitive (from earlier experiences), so why was it better clumped but bad in other ways?? sorry for the long post btw :)

Goin'Grey 10-05-2011 11:10 AM

Dear Blonde,
The FOTE is a gel so it promotes clumping. Many protein sensitives can't use the FOTE including me. I stay clear of it.

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