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How do you know if your hair doesnt like a certain type of protein or if its just that your hair doesnt need protein at that moment? I tried a product that has wheat amino acids as its 3rd ingredient and my hair became dry. does that mean my hair didnot like the protein or it just didnt need any protein?

Early on I went ahead and got a hair analysis which told me my hair only needed protein on an as-needed basis. But even with that info I found out via trail and error that my hair does really well with certain proteins and not particularly well with others. For example, silk proteins/silk amino acids are *great* on my hair. Kelp protein on the other hand is way to strong and made my hair feel hard.

I guess some of what you'll come to understand about your hair and protein may only come from observing how your hair actually does with protein (different types of proteins).
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how did you do a hair analysis?
Originally Posted by curlybran
Curl Wizard - Home

Lots of wavies and curlies from this website (myself included!) have used this service. You send in some hairs (explained when you purchase) for a hair expert to analyze.
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