Black Tea Rinse

Has anyone tried it. I recently discovered I have a bald spot due to alopecia, which is already growing back on it's own, but I would love to help it along it's way.

What about garlic and onion oil? Any protein sensitivity issues?

Thank you.
Me: 3c, very thick
BC- May 2010
Current routine:
pre poo: avacado, banana babyfood, grapeseed oil, and silk amino acid. Cleanser: DC No Poo 1x a week and BC 1x a week. DT: GVP Cond balm and grape seed oil
Co-wash: GVP CD, TJ tea tree
Leave-in: GVP CD, TJ tea tree, and grape seed oil
Styling: HETT and castor oil
DD (8 & 6 yo): both4s (1 thick, 2 thin) keep in 2strand twists
DD (4yo): 3b (very thin, hard to grow) keep in single braids with lots of beads for protection
Black tea rinses really do help with shedding, (in a much less stinkier way) like garlic or onion. Careful though, for some, the black tea rinses have a bit of protein effects and may leave your hair a bit dry and rough, but its usually gone once you condition over it. When I rinse with black tea, my hair instantly feels stronger
Black tea rinses are usually for shedding though, but it may help with retaining growth. So, don't expect it to do things it doesn't

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