Protein sensitive and fine haired curlies, where y'at?

I keep hearing that fine hair isn't usually protein sensitive, but mine definitely is both and I need some advice. I know that my hair can get over-conditioned and that the cure for that is a protein treatment, but how do I make sure that I don't tip the scale in the favor of protein overload? I've damaged my hair several times by overdoing the protein and my fine srands can't take that abuse again!

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Hi. Another protein sensitive fine haired curly here. I typically buy protein free products but there are 2 gels that I like that have protein in them so I rotate them but I don't use protein everytime I style and I never PT. If I use a poo or conditioner that has protein in it plus layer a protein gel, thats definitely too much for me so my advice is find 1 or 2 products that contain some protein and throw them in the mix every now and then.

You can also try a mild protein conditioner to use every now and then that you rinse out. This didn't work for me since I like leaving conditioner in my hair and protein conditioners turn my hair straw like very quickly. I did better with protein stylers (mind you the protein is not really high up on list and not considered protein rich). Hope this makes sense!
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LOOB for second day hair

Like BS/ACV rinses, limit protein/humectants.
Thanks for the tips!

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I have fine, porous hair that is protein-sensitive. My hair can tolerate PT's about once a month. Using stylers or co-washes with protein makes my hair VERY dry and frizzy.
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My hair seems to like/tolerate protein in a poo or RO, but hates it in a DT or LI.

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I know of another wavy who's protein sensitive who advised me to just take it a few minutes at a time. Like Jon effective care for 5 minutes only, and use a protein free condish after. Then you could gradually increase the time to see how your hair tolerates it?
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I know this is an old post but, I recently suffered from protein overload. I actually was becoming used to this brittle feeling as "just dry hair" using daily protein before the overload, but when it intensified AFTER the overload, I realized my hair thrives on a moisture heavy regimen rather than a protein heavy regimen. Now, I may not be protein intolerant but, Im finding now through trial and error that my hair is picky with proteins. Small amounts in one product per day, (amino acids, silk or soy protein at the moment) or every couple of days seems to be ok. I have been modified cg for a year and decided to go full cg following the overload and I cannot believe my hair is so picky with proteins as it is veerrrrrrry fine. This is gonna be tricky.....
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I like to think of myself as protein aware. I am the same. No protein in any of my daily products. Npf by itself followed by a dt on the weekends. I recently added brhg, so far no problems. But it does make my hair almost too soft by the end of the day( the brhg)
2a canopy with 2b underneath.
Fine hair, low elasticity,
Hair dislikes oil
Live in dry climate

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