Question about protein sensitivity

I am 2c/3a and just did the porosity test and it appears that I am low porosity.

Does this automatically mean a sensitivity to protein?

I have been fighting halo frizz for a while so I am wondering if maybe this is the problem. Thoughts?
I would avoid assuming protein sensitivity based on the porosity tests because they tend to be unreliable. I would try using a little protein and see how your hair tolerates it, then maybe try a little more, and so on. I've read that keratin is a great protein for people who are sensitive to other proteins (I've also seen a number of people say that they can only use silk proteins), so I would start with something like that. There are lots of people (myself included) who assumed protein sensitivity based on hair properties only to later learn that protein can be our friend, usually after ending up with really limp waves and curls from over-conditioning (I was actually completely wrong about my hair properties- it turns out that my hair can't get enough protein).

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I agree with Corrina. Start with one in a gel or conditioner and see how your hair tolerates it.
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It's typical for curly hair to have a minimal amount of frizz.

My hair is fine/low porosity and LOVES protein! It never met a protein it didn't like. The only place I've read that low porosity hair has protein issues is on the page about texture and porosity (which is why I don't give that link as a reference.)

It's coarse hair that usually has protein issues. So, if your hair is fine, or medium, it could be that you need protein to combat the frizz. When I do a PT, I find that it really helps me with frizz.

The other thing that can cause frizz is build up. Especially, if you have frizz when wet. In that case, I'd use a product with a mild surfactant.
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